Cliven Bundy American Patriot

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Author Michael Stickler, will be coming to your community to “set the record straight” about Cliven Bundy, who he really is and how his stand makes a difference to every American.  

You have Read The Headlines, Now Get The Real Story!

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The Book that Sets the Record Straight!

Some people hate Cliven Bundy. Others love him. Everybody wants to know his Story.

This book explains his side of the story, why did he risked everything to stand against the Federal Government ...

In this Book You’ll Learn:

Why thousands of Americans from all across the country to stand with Cliven Bundysource.

The REAL reason that the Federal Government wants Cliven Bundy off the land his family has grazed their cattle since the 1870's

Cliven's 90-second defense -- his consitutional stand of why the the government is, once again, overreaching their mandate 

What was it like for Cliven and the Bundy 19 to be falsely held in prison for 700 days

Preview Chapter One for FREE! Available now for a limited time, you can get a copy of CHAPTER ONE of Cliven's book. Find out how biographer Michael Stickler met Cliven and how he was able to capture Cliven's story. And, how Michael eventually got Cliven to open up for the first time in 4 years!

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What others are saying about Cliven Bundy American Patriot:

"Great book. First hand accounts. Completely destroys the mainstream media's version, and the tall tales of the feds. Should be required reading in every school in America” 

- Paul S.

Eureka, MT

“Amazed at how undemocratic your country has become to its citizens. What happened to the Bundys sounds more like a communist country, not the United States of America. This Canuck is appalled. God Bless the Bundys” 

- Arlene B. 


"Michael Stickler Is a talented story teller and together with Cliven Bundy they explain the Constitution while telling the true story of what happened in Bunkerville!"

 - Thelma D. 

Boise, ID

"AMAZING BOOK! I always verify facts. About 1/3 through, I quit running to the internet to verify. Everything was factual! The thing I loved most about your writings was that you blended the Constitution and Founding Fathers statements with such accuracy. You didn't just write about Cliven's timeline, you captured his love of country and WHY his love was based on history. ... it truly was a book that I couldn't put down.” 

- D Moore 

North Carolina

"Once i started reading I couldn't stop, really opened my eyes as to how ruthless and abusive parts of our government are. In this time of trouble abounding in our country, we need to be ready to protect our God given rights and fight for the republic.” 

- Dann C.

Vancouver, WA

About the Author

About Cliven Bundy

MICHAEL L. STICKLER is an author, entrepreneur, radio host, ex-felon, and a highly sought-after motivational speaker.  

A Journey to Generosity, his best selling book, is widely acclaimed throughout the Christian community. He is the publisher of Generous Living Magazine and writes for the Christian Post 'A Generous Life' column. He has two new books coming this fall.  

He lives near Lake Tahoe with his wife, has two terrific grown sons and a wonderful daughter-in-law, and three beautiful grandchildren.

CLIVEN BUNDY is a farmer, rancher, husband, father of 14 and grandfather of 63 (as of today!) and a Constitutionalist.  

His passion is to see the Federal Government return their unlawfully usurped ownership of State lands to "We The People" and LOCAL governmental power and ownership.  

The Federal Government treats him as a terrorist, the media paints him as a gun-toting militia wacko.  

He was in federal lockup for 700 days, along with 18 others also falsely charged, until his case was dismissed for prosecutorial misconduct.

Speaking Opportunties

Mike and Cliven travel the country sharing their story with audiences who desire to see our country restored back to the Constitutional Republic our Founding Fathers envisioned and established. 

Each speaks on subjects such as: Property Rights | Government Overreach | Ranching in the West | the Second Admendment and more.

Have a group that would be interested in bringing Mike, Cliven or both to speak? It begins with a simple phone consultation. Please click on the button to get started.

Book today. Each has a limited schedule for 2018-2019.